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We are now offering online and in-studio classes.
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  • Enjoy challenging classes at the studio
    Pilates Mat Chi Gong Melt Method™
    Pilates Equipment Stability Ball Foam Roller
    3-D Workout™ Franklin Method® ELDOA™
    Biodynamic Craniosacral Sessions®

  • Expect
    Experienced Teachers Creative Exercise Modifications
    Small Classes Effective Workouts
    Individualized Programs Safe Workouts

  • Class Content
    Class content at Counterbalance Studio Pilates is chosen and designed to offer each participant the classic exercise benefits of increased strength and flexibility as well as improved movement function in daily life.

Pilates Studio Equipment

“For me, 3D is balance, rhythm and accuracy. I love it. I live it!”
– M.H.

“Counterbalance Studio is a warm, welcoming, safe and inspiring environment with caring, encouraging, engaging and knowledgeable teachers! I always leave feeling wonderful!”
– Karen K.A.

“I always feel improvement in my strength, balance and energy after a class at Counterbalance.– M. Daley

“After taking ELDOA regularly, I realized I was sitting & standing taller without effort. My back is much stronger, and I’ve gained flexibility in my low back, hips, and hamstrings.”
– Dave M.