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"Professional instruction in a relaxed atmosphere with programs tailored to your needs. "
– Harry M.

"Elaine’s studio is so warm and welcoming with teachers who are dedicated to clients’ goals and well-being. Her standards have remained consistently high in the 20years I have been attending … and it just keeps getting better. Great 3-D and ball classes!"

"Elaine Biagi Turner is an excellent Pilates instructor. She has depth of knowledge and experience that permits her to give specific guidance on the most effective positioning. And always with good humour."
– Mark T.

"I am so much more fit! Even with a knee replacement and arthritis Pilates is wonderful to do. It’s a carful, instructive, wonderful learning environment always with new things to learn. 3-D is also absolutely the best!"
Irene Withers

Lovely space, knowledgeable, professional instructors and a lot of fun. Feel good."

"The instructors at Counterbalance have such incredible knowledge about how the body works. They are innovative, creative, and caring – making their classes the best in Toronto!!"

"I love coming to this calm and well-organized studio where Fiona will gently encourage me to listen to what my body needs on that particular day."

"At Counterbalance I have experienced expert, safe and encouraging teaching in a clean, well-equipped and convenient studio."
– Judy
"Counterbalance is the most flexible, versatile and friendly place you could ever entrust your bodywork to no matter what your physical status is at the time. Almost 20 years for me."

"I got immediate relief from the pain in my lower back which I’ve had for 30 years. The ELDOA® classes and Mary, my instructor, have worked miracles. Thank you."
– Clyde R.

"Counterbalance instructors are superb! They are always learning, upgrading and bringing new, exciting, interesting and state-of-the-art methods and ideas to the work they do. They are inspired and inspiring!"
– Peg Evans

"3-D leaves me relaxed and energized!"
– D.M.