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Counterbalance Studio Pilates is a collective of experienced, independent teachers who organize their own schedules and clients. We all work together as a team and are committed to a high standard of instruction and ongoing professional development.

Elaine Biagi Turner, BFA, MA, founded Counterbalance Studio Pilates in 1998. She has Pilates certifications from Dianne Miller Pilates Centre of Vancouver and Stott Studio, Toronto. Elaine is a 3-D Workout™, levels I & II, teacher. She certified in ELDOA2 with Petra Beathmann of Sphinx Pilates, Toronto, ON. Elaine’s training also includes Resist-A-Ball C.O.R.E Instructor Training, FitBall’s Basic Certification and Body Therapy Small Ball Release Program, and Yamuna™ Body Rolling, levels I & II. Elaine started the East End Pilates Association (EEPA), welcoming independent Pilates and movement teachers to a once a month peer led professional development session. We learn a lot and have a great time!


Carrie Lynn Nieves started taking Pilates as a way to stay fit and relieve stress while working in a corporate setting. Intrigued by its positive effects on her mind and body, she became a certified teacher in 2002. Carrie Lynn certified to teach 3-D Workout™ Levels I and II in 2007/08 and is now a 3-D Workout™ Professional Trainer responsible for the training and certification of new 3-D Workout™ instructors. She is an ELDOA2 teacher and a certified MELT Method Hand and Foot Instructor. Carrie Lynn enjoys working with a wide range of clientele. She has even developed exercises for toddlers and their caregivers in the Macaulay Child Development Centre's Early Years Program. Her approach is to train the body and mind as a whole. Her aim is to impart to her clients the skills needed to meet all of life's physical demands.


Fiona Macdonald. Fiona has been teaching Pilates since 1997. Her original training and certification was with the Dianne Miller Pilates Centre of Vancouver, B.C. In 2008 she achieved the internationally recognized Pilates Method Alliance™ certification. Fiona is also certified in 3-D Workout™, levels I & II, and in the MELT Method™ Hand and Foot Self Treatment Technique. In 2015, Fiona became a Level 1 Franklin Method™ Educator and is presently working towards Level 2. Fiona continues to study and develop as a teacher. She enjoys working with a variety of clientele and has a special interest in pre and post pregnancy, scoliosis, and rehabilitation.

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Mary moved to the west coast of Canada in June. She will be missed by teachers and clients alike. We are grateful for all she has taught us, wish her well on her new adventure and look forward to her visits to Toronto!

Mary Ganzon, movement teacher and body worker extraordinaire, certified in Pilates at Dianne Miller Pilates Centre of Vancouver. She has taught Pilates in Canada, the U.S.A. and Singapore. Mary’s movement certifications also include Level I in 3-D Workout™ developed by Dianne Woodruff and ELDOA3 developed by Guy Voyer. She is certified in the MELT Method™ Hand and Foot Self Treatment Technique.

Mary is also a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and teaches prospective practitioners for the Body Intelligence Training Foundation. Mary enjoys working with a diverse population spanning the spectrum from fitness to rehabilitation. She informs her teaching and bodywork with her practice of Qi Gong, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, Trager Therapy, Yamuna™Body Rolling and FitBall.


Sacha Karlewicz, BFA, ARAD, Sacha was drawn to Pilates while completing her Fine Arts Theatre Dance degree at Ryerson University. Pilates offered a different and unfamiliar way of moving that made “sense” in her body. Her interest in Pilates culminated in a Stott Pilates certification in 1999 and continued professional development at the Dianne Miller Pilates Centre of Vancouver. Sacha’s passion for dance has kept her teaching Classical Ballet for the Royal Academy of Dance along side Pilates for over 20 years.

Sacha is a certified Franklin Method™ Level 1 Educator having studied with Eric Franklin and Morten Dithmer. She is also a Level 2 ELDOA™ teacher. Sacha is an avid rock climber and has been a rock climbing coach for the past 5 years and loving every minute!

Sacha Karlewicz:

Sheri Kimura. After 15 years of teaching dance and coaching rock climbing alongside a 9-5 desk job, Sheri decided to focus completely on movement: movement that helps people find freedom and release in a healthy, strong and well-aligned body. Pilates and ELDOA perfectly support her focus. Sheri completed her classical Pilates training at Inhabit Pilates & Movement and continues to train at Counterbalance Studio Pilates. She completed her ELDOA™ Level 3 certification in April 2018 and enjoys teaching ELDOA classes around the city.

Sheri continues to coach young rock climbers and dancers. She also loves to climb and dance herself wherever and whenever she can! Sheri is thrilled to be working alongside the group of amazing teachers at Counterbalance Studio Pilates.

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Please Welcome Our Associate Teachers

Shawn Aarons, BPHE, CSIP. We welcome Shawn as our new Chi Gong teacher. She has a level two Chi Gong certification from Grand Master Rupert Harvey. Shawn continues to study and is an assistant Chi Gong teacher at Golden Harmony Martial Arts and Wellness Centre. (

“I love when she leads us in class.” Julie S.
After University, Shawn attended The Guild for Structural Integration in Colorado and Brazil, which completed her training in the Ida Rolf method of Structural Integration. She has maintained a full time practice since 1991 and continues to study advanced Structural Integration with her mentor David Davis in Denver, Colorado.

Shawn’s many interests and practices include movement studies, martial arts, drumming, singing and dance.

Contact Shawn @ 416-654-9402

Shawn Aarons

Harjit Naghra. Harjit Naghra is a certified Pilates teacher and Essentrics® Instructor. Her movement journey started 6 years ago to heal from an injury-prone body and chronic illness. She believes it's never too late to start exercising and that having a strong, flexible and resilient body is essential for living your best life. Her teaching style has been described as lighthearted, patient and intuitive. She's a problem solver at heart - no surprise with her background in software engineering. Harjit now pursues her passion for fitness and helping her clients achieve pain-free movement. When she's not teaching, she enjoys a variety of physical activities including dance and aerial circus.