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Class Schedule 2019/2020

Counterbalance Studio Pilates Schedule

3 Class Pass: 3 classes/$30!
Classes include Pilates Mat, Chi Gong, 3-D Workout™ and/or ELDOA™. Conditions: one-time use only, one pass per individual, 4 week time limit from first class.
Getting Started at Counterbalance
Please feel free to contact the studio to arrange a visit and/or to talk with a teacher about classes.
  Pilates Mat
To participate in a Pilates Mat class one needs prior experience, completion of Foundations for Pilates Mat Work or private lessons. Talk to a teacher if you want advice on which class to take.
  Pilates Equipment
Each participant in a Pilates Equipment class has their own workout program. To develop these workouts one needs a series of private lessons. If you have prior experience, private lessons may not be necessary.
  3-D Workout™
Contact the teacher prior to taking a class. Click here to view flyer.
All welcome. Counterbalance offers ELDOA Mix and ELDOA classes. No experience necessary. Click here and here for details.
  Chi Gong
Chi Gong is a gentle form of exercise that reduces stress, supports health and promotes awareness in activity. The aim is to cultivate stability, clarity and flexibility in the body and mind. These practices are suitable for beginner and experienced practitioners in any physical condition. Click here to view view flyer.
  Free Your Fascia
Undo the tightness and stress of your week and refresh your movement patterns. This class combines the three methods of MELT, Pilates and 3-D Workout™. A great way to jump-start your weekend.
  All Pilates equipment class fees increase by $5.00 starting September 1, 2019. Teacher led group class fees remain the same.

New to Counterbalance?
Arrive 10 min. early for your first class. Thank you!
All information subject to change.